Oakley Photochromic Lens

The Photochromic Lens is an Oakley lens which acts like a transition lens. Like a transition lens, it adapts to different lighting conditions. It is a sports performance lens that performs all the way from flat light (lighting conditions that doesn’t have much contrast) to bright light. The lens starts clear, then in bright conditions, transitions into a darker lens. The darker lens color is Oakley’s Black Iridium. Black Iridium is a neutral grey base. Due to the neutral transmission of this lens, it provides a more authentic color perception over various lighting conditions.

When active (clear), the lens eliminates 31% of ambient light. Alternatively, at it’s darkest, 77% of ambient light is eliminated. Like all Oakley lenses, the Photochromic filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. This protects the eye from many health risks. In addition to this, the lens provides impact resistance. Oakley’s tests products in extreme conditions to provide the highest level of impact resistance possible. Thus giving the wearer the protection and peace of mind to perform at their highest level. Furthermore, the lens provides High Definition Optics like all Oakley lenses, to offer clear, sharp and the most accurate vision through sunglasses available.

Oakley recommends the best use for the Photochromic lens is for everyday activity or shooting. The lens is available in the Field Jacket, Flight Jacket, EZ Zero® Range, Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path®, Flak® 2.0 and Radar Lock.