How to find your glasses size

In this digital age, shopping online has become super convenient, even for glasses! But let’s face it, finding the right size can be a bit tricky without trying them on in person. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got your back with some simple tips to get the perfect fit for your glasses. Let’s dive into the three essential measurements: Bridge Width, Temple Length, and Lens Width.

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  1. Bridge Width: Okay, the bridge width might sound fancy, but it’s just the distance between the lenses, right on your nose. To find your perfect fit, you can grab a ruler or use your current glasses if they feel comfy. Bridge widths usually range from 14mm to 24mm. If you’ve got a small nose, go for a smaller width, and if it’s broader, opt for a larger one. Getting this right means no pinching or sliding down your nose – winning!

  2. Temple Length: Imagine the temple length as the arms of your glasses that go around your ears. It’s essential to get this size right to avoid any discomfort. Grab that ruler again or compare it with your current glasses. Temple lengths usually vary from 120mm to 150mm. No more slipping glasses, and you’ll rock that comfort game!

  3. Lens Width: Now, here comes the biggie – the lens width! It’s all about how wide each lens is, affecting your vision and style. Lens widths usually range from 40mm to 62mm. To find the perfect fit, consider your face size and features. Smaller faces look great with smaller widths, while broader faces can handle a bit more oomph. Also, make sure your eyes sit nicely in the center of the lenses for that crystal-clear view!

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When ordering sunglasses online, getting the right lens width is crucial for a comfortable and stylish fit. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to measuring your face and finding the perfect lens width:

  1. Prepare for Measurement: Find a well-lit area with a mirror and grab a millimeter ruler or a tape measure. If you have an existing pair of sunglasses that fits you well, it can be helpful for comparison.

  2. Measure Your Face Width: Start by measuring the width of your face. Place the millimeter ruler or tape measure across your face, from the top of one cheekbone to the top of the other. Make sure to follow the natural curve of your face, passing just above your nose. Note down this measurement as your face width.

  3. Measure the Bridge Width: Next, measure the width of the bridge of your nose. Place the ruler at the start of one eyebrow arch, just above your nose, and measure across to the same point on the other side. This measurement will give you an idea of how wide the bridge of the sunglasses should be to fit comfortably on your nose.

  4. Calculate Lens Width: To determine the right lens width, subtract the bridge width measurement from your face width. The resulting number will give you an approximate lens width for each eye. For example, if your face width is 140mm, and the bridge width is 20mm, then the lens width would be around 120mm (140mm – 20mm = 120mm).

  5. Consider Face Shape and Style: While the calculated lens width is a good starting point, consider your face shape and personal style when choosing the final lens width. Different face shapes suit different lens widths and styles. For instance, oval faces often look great with a variety of lens widths, while round faces may benefit from more angular frames.

Glasses size guide
Face Size (Temple to Temple Measurement) Lens Width Arm Length
Narrow (less than 129mm) 50mm and under 135mm – 140mm
Medium (130mm – 139mm) 51mm – 55mm 140mm – 145mm
Wide (over 139mm) 56mm and above 150mm or above
Nose Bridge Size Bridge Measurement
Small 14mm – 16mm
Medium 17mm – 19mm
Wide 20mm – 23mm

Using this table, you can easily identify the right lens width and arm length based on your face size (temple to temple measurement). Additionally, you can determine your nose bridge size by measuring the bridge of your nose to find the most comfortable fit for your glasses. Happy sunglasses shopping!