EyeWearThese.com are certified, online dealers

Choosing your eyewear is a very personal choice and it helps to have someone there to guide you through possible pitfalls.

At Eyewearthese.com we are here to help, we understand that buying eyewear online can be challenging, especially when buying prescription eyewear, so we have taken the time to build a very simple system for ordering prescription eyewear. We have listened to you, years of servicing customers through our chain of highstreet opticians, we clearly understand the need for simple, practical advice at a price that is fair, this is what you will find on Eyewearthese.com


  • Genuine. All products are 100% genuine, sold with a manufactures warranty and full customer support


  • Professional. We glaze our products ourselves, we do not use 3rd parties so any corrections or concerns are dealt with in-house. No delays and no 3rd party opinions – just professional advice and service!


  • We Listen. With over 10 high street stores we understand customer needs and deliver on our promises!


  • New releases. Constantly updating our products with the very latest designer products.


  • Simple-to-order. A 3-step, simple to use, prescription ordering service with no complicated forms to fill out.