Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO)

HDO is a technology used within all Oakley sunglasses. HDO lenses offers the clearest , sharpest, most accurate vision through sunglasses possible. A HDO lens provides a truer and more accurate vision.

Therefore it matches the demands of professional athletes who require the upmost visual clarity. Compared to a conventional lens. Furthermore, American National Standards Institute tests prove this by the HDO lenses meeting or exceeding each test.

This patented technology’s main advantage is how it aligns light. Once light passes through the lens it converges light to one spot. Other non-Oakley products had light diverging. Thus, concentrating light into separate spots. When light concentrates in separate spots it consequently creates two images in the eye that the brain must stitch together.

With Oakley’s HDO the single point of light only creates the single image. Therefore the brain works less and reduces eye fatigue. Thus reducing eye fatigue, allowing the wearer to perform better in their sport, like Snowboarding, Cycling or Driving.