Persol 3210s Sunglasses Review

Persol 3210s Sunglasses Review – A nod to typewriters with style.
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For those in the know, Persol sunglasses are a no brainer. For those not in the know, Persol sunglasses should be high on your wish list. Persol is minimal but high in quality and design. They may not have the same shouting power as Ray-Ban for example, but the quality and design easily stands its ground. The Persol 3210s Sunglasses are no different.

This minimal theme is evident. Only those who know the Persol arrow would be able to identify that these sunglasses are Persol. This is a huge draw for some who loves designer names and quality without the brand name emblazed all over their eyewear. Furthermore, it doesn’t distract from the true beauty of the 3210s sunglasses. These are a real intricate design. Simple, yet effective. Round is stylish and the thin temples really allow the design to shine. All while keeping them light to wear. 

Each detail on the Persol 3210s Sunglasses is subtly placed. The lined details on the inside of the temple tips aren’t just there for the sake of it. They are there to pay homage to workings of the typewriter. The metal bridge does too. In fact, each detail is added to give a nod to the typewriter. This is because these sunglasses are a part of the Persol’s typewriter edition collection.

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0PO3210S  24 31 330A

Persol are also amazing at handcrafting premium materials. The Persol 3210s is no different. It has a quality acetate frame. Handcrafted in Italy of course. This is light, hypoallergenic and really durable for little bumps and scrapes sunglasses take daily. The lens material is a compilation of rare materials chosen for their clear optical properties. So, if you’re not sure if this is a brand you should go for as you’re not as familiar with the name, let us tell you, you’re guaranteed a very premium product compared to some more well-known brands. 

Comfort worries are always eradicated in Persol Sunglasses. Within the Persol 3210s Sunglasses, there are a number of features to help your wear to be as comfortable as possible. When the temples push into the side of your head it is uncomfortable. It can be bearable for a short period but after a while, you really feel it. These sunglasses don’t have that as the temples bend further than competitors thanks to its patented Meflecto design.

The fit runs average alone the face. The lenses are a little larger than some of the similar styles available like an Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck. This is ideal for those with a little larger faces or cheeks. This helps enhance facial features rather than making the face look larger than it is. Perfect for those on the hunt for a really flattering round shape when most don’t suit as well as they could. 

To conclude we are huge fans. We think these are a really stylish and comfortable pair that will last a long time due to the quality and the popular shape. The minimal design means they will blend in for many occasions rather than being a statement piece.