Persol Meflecto Flexible Stem System

1930’s was the decade in which Persol created Meflecto. The world’s first flexible stem system, designed to enhance the comfort of Persol eyewear. The system adds an extra 10 steps to the creation process compared to an average acetate frame.

Persol meflecto

What is Meflecto?


The Meflecto system is the two lines on the side of the temples. The Typewriter Collection by Persol features three. The Meflecto system encourages the temples to bend to fit the wearers unique face shape. This doesn’t damage or change the shape or the frame permanently.

What are the Benefits of Meflecto?


The addition of Meflecto reduces pressure for the wearers head. Sometimes, the temples can press against the wearers head. This then creates uncomfortable sensations like headaches. Eliminating this means, the frame feels more comfortable and allows for longer periods of wearing the frame. Thus, if the wearer needs the frame for all day use or driving, the frame will be more comfortable than other alternatives. Therefore, the concentration levels diminish slower and safety/performance enhance.

Meflecto Angle Small
Persol Meflecto Flexible

What Materials are used in Meflecto?


The materials used in the Melflecto are Nylon or Metal. These Nylon or Metal materials are cylinders that are incorporated into an acetate stem. Each stem is intersected with a flexible core of steel. This creates a small pivot within the system for movement. Thus allowing the temples to slightly bend without damage.