Super Hard Multi-Coat with Hydrophobic Coating

This lens coating is hydrophobic, Anti-Reflective and scratch resistant. Therefore this lens will be waterproof, reflect less light and be more durable. The hydrophobic coating means that the lens is water resistant. Therefore when water hit the lens it beads and runs off the lens. This is opposed to non-hydrophobic lenses where water would smear on the lens. The hard coat means the lens is scratch resistant. This protects the lens from everyday wear and tear, for example wiping the lens on a paper towel. The Anti-Reflective feature of this lens coating reduces unwanted reflections from the front and back of the lens. Typically, reflections bounce off the surface and reflects internally. The internal reflection causes ‘ghosting’, this, in turn, reduces visual acuity. With an Anti-Reflective coating, more light passes through the lens. Therefore, this results in sharper vision, greater comfort during prolonged computer use and better night vision.

SuperHydrophobic Coating