Oakley Goggle Lens Color Guide

Grabbing a pair of goggles for a ski or snowboarding trip may throw up some questions. Mainly, “what lens color do I need?”. Different lens colors perform better in different weather conditions. This is due to the different amounts of light allowed to pass through different colors. This is Visible Light Transmission or VLT for short. A rule of thumb is, the darker the color, the less light able to pass through the lens. So, if you know the conditions are going to be bright all day everyday aka Blue Bird conditions, you’ll need something dark like Black or Bronze. On the other hand, if it is due to be rather cloudy, a Yellow or Rose color is best.

Furthermore, when looking for Oakley goggles, there is the added question if to choose Prizm or Standard Lenses? What’s the difference or benefit? Well, there is a difference. However, like most things, the benefits are personal. The technology and science in a Prizm lens is the most advanced on the planet. But, some prefer this and others don’t. Personally, we love a Prizm Lens. They enhance contrast beyond any other lens. This provides a view of the slopes ahead you only get with a Prizm lens. You are able to spot the different in the snow in front to perform better and safer. In addition they perform better in a wider range of Lighting conditions. Therefore reducing the need to constantly switch between lenses.

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