Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses 3016 Review

Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 Sunglasses – A vintage style icon. 
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Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are a icon. A style that stands the test of time, only growing stronger. Since sparking Ray-Ban’s imagination when Bruce Willis wore similar on the silver screen, the Clubmaster has been held in high esteem by all across the globe.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses 3016

The master stroke of creating a sunglasses version of a popular glasses shape came in the 80’s by Ray-Ban. Welcome, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016. The iconic shape was soon gobbled up by many. And even today we get the same amount of love for this beautifully vintage style.

Now we have many variations of the Clubmaster, but you cannot forget the original. It is a style icon that suits so many peoples styles and lifestyles. Hollywood stars and the general public adorn the style year in year out. The thicker semi rimless style on top and thin metal rim contrast is what makes this style so recognisable.

When it comes to the Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016, the frame is a premium acetate material. Strong and light for a durable and comfortable experience. The acetate material should take most bumps and scrapes in its stride. Another advantage is that it is malleable, allowing you to heat the temples and bend them to fit your face better.

Continuing with the temples, the Clubmaster has thin vintage temples. Nothing flashy hear, great for the minimalist. Not even a sign of Ray-Ban branding, which usually resides on the side of each temple. The inner of the temple you’ll notice a metal rod for strength and again, for that flexibility. This can only be seen when you close the temples and look at the end that touches the front of the frame.

The branding on these Ray-Ban sunglasses are, as mentioned previously, slightly more subtle than usual. You can only see the name printed on the right lens as usual. There is the branding in the nose-pads, and on the inner of the left temple. But when you’re wearing them, nobody will see the latter two places.

The beauty of the Clubmaster is that is comes in many variations. The style is like a chameleon. Choosing the colour of the frame and lens is perfect to match your style. Then there is the lens technology. Maybe a mirrored lens takes your fancy, or a gradient. Alternatively you could be looking for a polarized lens or the famous G-15 or B-15 lenses of Ray-Ban. The choices do seem endless. But that is why they’re so popular, as there’s something for everyone.

For a fashionable Clubmaster style, why not choose the original that paves the way for others to imitate the Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 Sunglasses. A style king available now on EyeWearThese.