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Ray-Ban EVOLVE Collection – Don’t Fear Change

The Evolve Collection

What Are Ray-Ban Evolve Lenses?

Ray-Ban Evolve is a style of lens from the biggest eyewear brand on the planet. These cool lenses are photochromic. Therefore they get darker or lighter depending on the brightness of the light.

Photochromic lenses are great for changing lighting conditions. The lighter it is outside, the darker the lenses get. These lenses are available in washed pastel colors. Even at their darkest you can still see the eye. A trend that is gaining huge traction in current times.

Ray-Ban evolve


Originally Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators and Round Metal 3447 sunglasses were the models to have Evolve lenses. Now this is branching out further to more models. The popular Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses are available with Evolve lenses. And, new products are sporting the lens. These include the 1971, The Wayfarer II and the 3689 Aviator.

Even though the washed lenses aren’t as dark as other lenses, such as the popular G-15 Lens, they offer the utmost protection. This is protection from the harmful UV rays we encounter everyday. These UV rays are most prominent and damaging in the summer where the sun is at its strongest.

We think these lenses are best for fashionable and everyday wear. This is due to the style and the photochromic feature of the lens. Everyday events, such as changing sun conditions, walking into buildings and entering vehicles are adapted to easily. No more taking on and off the sunglasses.

The lenses themselves still have the printed Ray-Ban name on the corner of the right lens (left when looked at front on). Plus the RB etching on the left lens is still present. The only difference is the addition of the printed Evolve name in the corner of the left lens.


Ray-Ban introduces the EVOLVE Collection, featuring light exposure high sensitivity lenses on the most iconic style of the brand starting with the ultra cool Ray-Ban Aviator.

The story goes back to the 70s, when Ray-Ban first introduced the Ambermatic lens, a light yellow lens that responds to light by changing into a darker one.

The innovative EVOLVE lenses are washed lenses in grey, green or brown and also including the pioneering Ambermatic yellow lens; that become darker according to the intensity of light.

Offering almost complete eye protection (99-100%) and enhanced vision, the Evolve Collection conveys the true spirit of the brand – don’t fear to challenge yourself, don’t fear change.

Ray-Ban evolve